Thermo Scientific ABgene Diamond Ultra 384-well PCR Plate

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The Thermo Scientific ABgene 384-well Diamond PCR Plate is the world's most rigid 384-well PCR plate and has specifically been developed for reliable performance on high-throughput robotic handling systems.

The uniform thin-wall design has been optimized for use in PCR and QPCR applications but also offers the advantage of delivering superior resistance to warping during PCR cycling, thus reducing evaporation issues associated with inconsistent data.

• Superior resistance to warping during thermal cycling to maintain consistent plate dimensions
• Ultimate rigidity for reliable performance in high-throughput robotic handling systems
• Ultra-strong seal integrity with heat or adhesive seals to safeguard against evaporation
• Decreased splash-back during pipetting for seamless liquid handling
• Uniform, thin-walled design to allow for optimal heat transfer
• ‘Diamond-like’ optically clear wells and skirt allow for quick and easy visual plate checks
• Compatible with all leading 384 block thermal cyclers
• Available with barcode 128 for use with ABI 7900HT and ABI 3730 instruments
• Available in white for QPCR (learn more about white plastics)
• Fully skirted and designed according to SBS footprint standards for robotic compatibility
• 40µl maximum well volume, 25µl working volume
• Cut-away corner for ease of plate orientation

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Thermo Scientific ABgene Diamond Ultra 384-well PCR Plate

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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