Thermal Foils for Polypropylene Plates

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Thermal Foils for Polypropylene Plates - Porvair Sciences has a comprehensive range of seals and foils for thermal and adhesive sealing of microplates.

In addition, a full range of re-usable cap mats is available for friction sealing of plates. Foils and seals for the MicroSeal and MiniSeal II are supplied as cut sheets, 125mm x 78mm, in packs of 100. All Porvair heat seals have a sealing integrity range of -80ºC to +120ºC, are resistant to DMSO and TFA as well as most other solvents and will seal Polypropylene plates. For Polystyrene plates, please only use Clear Seal.

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Thermal Foils for Polypropylene Plates

Manufacturer Porvair Sciences Ltd

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