The Tactrol Control System by Priorclave Ltd

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The Tactrol Control System

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At the heart of every Priorclave is the TACTROL® microprocessor control system, specially developed for laboratory autoclaves. From simple cycles to fully featured multi-program operation with printed records, this unique control system allows unrivalled flexibility.

By fully automating the autoclave process and including features to assist with autoclave management, TACTROL® allows you to continue with other tasks secure in the knowledge that autoclaving is carried out safely and efficiently. Packed with self-monitoring systems, TACTROL® has pre-set actions for events such as power failure or low water levels. A number of features are built in allowing cycle optimisation for the diverse functions demanded by the modern laboratory.

TACTROL® is simple to use. Just set the temperature and time required, select any options needed and press start. For added security a setting lock is available.