The seripettor® Dispensing System

Manufacturer BRAND GMBH + CO KG

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This innovative high-precision dispensing technology based on the seripettor® bottle-top dispenser can be custom-tailored to any requirements and integrated into your process, as needed. By using plastic dispenser components in combination with an autoclavable stainless steel distributor, this system is versatile enough for many applications, including high throughput operations.


■ High precision and long-lasting durability
■ Solid system construction and high quality standard
■ Maximum performance and reliable, long-lasting operation
■ Use of system components from BRAND liquid handling
■ Volumes ranging from 20 μL to 25 mL per dispenser stroke
■ Low dead-space design for media channels and distribution
- the result is easily cleanable
■ Minimum losses when changing media
■ Maximum availability with minimum system down-time
■ Simple replacement of dispensing catridges and valve
heads - no tools needed
■ No need to recalibrate the dispensing system after
changing and/or cleaning valve blocks and dispensing
■ Low maintenance costs
■ Essential system components are patent protected

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The seripettor® Dispensing System

Manufacturer BRAND GMBH + CO KG

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