The ProteomeWorks Spot Cutter by Bio-Rad

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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The ProteomeWorks Spot Cutter

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The ProteomeWorks Spot Cutter Provides Big Performance on the Bench

  • System accuracy of ±0.1 mm ensures accurate excision of even small, closely grouped spots
  • Reduces manual labor and improves throughput of protein spots for analysis
  • Error-free data capture, from image analysis to mass spectrometry
  • Accommodates any commercially available large or mini-format gel or PVDF membrane blot in a bench footprint of only 50 x 50 cm (57 x 73 cm with the fluorescent enclosure)
  • Built-in wash wells provide customized tip washing between cuts for extra contamination control
  • PDQuest software automatically selects spots in order from lowest to highest amount of protein, minimizing the chance of carryover contamination from spot to spot
  • Spinning action of the cutting tip produces precise cuts without damage or distortion, on gels or PVDF membranes

    Fluorescence Detection Capability

  • Highly accurate spot cutting from gels or membranes stained with visible or fluorescent (SYPRO Ruby) protein stain
  • Quick-change settings to switch between UV and visible light modes
  • A small bench footprint that fits into any proteomics lab Compatibility with existing ProteomeWorks spot cutters already in use worldwide