The Microsaic 3500 MiD (Molecular Ion Detector)

Manufacturer Microsaic Systems

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The Microsaic 3500 MiD (Molecular ion detector) is the world's smallest mass spectrometer, giving the chemist a compact, integrated system with no comprimise on performance. The 3500 MiD is the size of a single HPLC module with no floor pump or external PC. For the first time, chemists can have access to valuable MS data in the lab.

The 3500 MiD is designed to integrate with existing HPLC equipment with no extra footprint and no infrastructure requirements (e.g. sound-proofing, AC). Extend the capability of your HPLC system with significant cost savings compared to a conventional MS system.

Historically, MS has only been used for off-line analysis but the 3500 MiD is so compact can be used for on-line reaction monitoring in a fume-hood. Monitoring batch reactions in real time provides the chemist with vital reaction data which can be acted upon to maximise yield and/or minimize impurities. The 3500 MiD is also ideal for flow chemistry systems where MS data can be used for reaction optimisation.
The system is portable with modular plug and play components for maximum application flexibility.

Features of the 3500 MiD:
•  Small footprint - fully integrated computer and vacuum system
•  Stackable - size of standard LC module
•  Quiet - no floor pump
•  Unrivalled low power consumption
•  Network ready - LAN interface and IP address
•  Wireless keyboard and mouse, or remote access via LAN
•  Intuitive, user-friendly Molecular iD software application
•  Full data analysis suite based around total ion chromatogram (TIC)
•  Full scan and selected ion monitoring (SIM) modes 

Applications of the 3500 MiD:
•  In-line reaction monitoring (flow or batch)
•  Mass selective detector for preparative and flash LC
•  Process monitoring
•  Analytical LC including Micro LC, Nano LC and HPLC

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The Microsaic 3500 MiD (Molecular Ion Detector)

Manufacturer Microsaic Systems

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