TGS1 Calibration Grating Set by K-TEK Nanotechnology

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TGS1 Calibration Grating Set
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K-TEK Nano Grating set TGS1 consists of 3 calibration gratings: TGZ1, TGZ2, TGZ3

TGZ series is intended for Z-axis calibration of scanning probe microscopes (SPM) and non-linearity measurements. Each grating offers a different step height.

Now the calibration grating set TGS1 which consists of three gratings TGZ1, TGZ2, TGZ3 is available with PTB tracable certificate. Ordering grating set TGS1 with code TGS1_PTB you will get the gratings with PTB traceable certificate. The gratings TGS1_PTB are measured on the SPM which has been preliminary calibrated using the PTB certified grating set TGS1.

K-TEK Nano Calibration Grating Set TGS1 description:

• Si wafer 
• the grating is formed on the layer of SiO2
Pattern types:  1- Dimensional (in Z-axis direction)
Step height:
• TGZ1 - 18.5±1 nm*
• TGZ2 - 108.5±2 nm*
• TGZ3 - 535±2.5 nm *
Period: 3±0,01µm
Chip size: 5x5x0,5mm
Effective area: central diameter 3x3mm

* the average meaning based on the measurements in 5 points of each grating on the SPM calibrated by PTB certified grating set TGS1.

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