T:Genius Gel Imaging System by Syngene

Manufacturer Syngene

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T:Genius Gel Imaging System

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The T:Genius is an integrated system for DNA and protein analysis and gel documentation, and features an integrated tablet PC running the highly acclaimed GeneSys automated control system for image capture and editing.

A new generation CCD camera enables you to select an image output of 12.9m pixels. Exposure times of up to 32 seconds are possible. T:Genius uses an f1.0 motor driven zoom lens to enable perfect imaging of any gel or blot size. The maximum viewing area is 24 x 20cm which is very large for such a small foot print unit.

Internal lighting includes a UV transilluminator for working with DNA gels. A white light converter can quickly extend its use as a white light box for working with visible gels and blots. With the the new generation of ‘safe’ dyes now available, the T:Genius has powerful epi blue LEDs and easily outperforms the more commonly used blue light imagers or conversion screens. T:Genius also includes, at no additional cost, GeneTools analysis software.

Additionally, 4 extra copies of GeneTools are provided FREE which can be used on remote computers. Using the optional ‘StatusLink’ option, the T:Genius can communicate with your mobile phone or tablet to remotely update you on the status of your system. This is the perfect answer to those busy users who need to be doing other things around the lab.

The T:Genius is now available in three exciting colours - choose between Hot Chilli Red, Cool Ice Blue or Bright Crystal Silver.


  • DNA
  • Blue light
  • Visible light
  • AutoRads
  • Spot blots