TG-MS Hyphenation by PerkinElmer, Inc.

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TG-MS Hyphenation
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The combination of a TGA with a MS allows you to detect very low levels of impurities in real time.

By heating a sample on the TGA, the sample will release volatile materials or generate combustion components as it burns. These gases are transferred to the MS where the components can be identified. Because of its ability to detect very low levels of material, the TG-MS is a powerful tool for quality control, safety, and product development. When considering adding a TG-MS to your laboratory it’s important not only to understand how each of the instruments work, but also how the connection affects them.

Look to PerkinElmer to supply you with all the components needed to set up your hyphenated system – instrumentation, service, support, expertise and knowledge. The more you know, the more your laboratory can do.