TG-FT-IR (TGA-FT-IR) Thermogravimetric Analysis

Manufacturer Bruker Optik GmbH

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Thermogravimetric analysis (TG) follows changes in mass of the sample as a function of temperature yielding information of the various component amounts.

Whereby identification of gases released during thermal treatment cannot be performed just by thermal analysis. Fourier-Transform-Infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy overs an excellent solution for the identification of unknown compounds. IR, a classical technique, depends upon the interaction of radiation with the vibrating molecules. With exception of homonuclear diatomics, IR is characteristic for each compound.

TG-FT-IR combines the quantitative capabilities of TG and the qualitative identification strength of FT-IR spectroscopy.

TG-FT-IR Applications:

  • Outgasing of Materials
  • Detection of Residues
  • Analysis of Additives
  • Analysis of Aging Processes
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Characterization of Natural and Raw Materials
  • Desorption Behaviour
  • Analysis of Synthesis Processes
  • Analysis of Decomposition Processes

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TG-FT-IR (TGA-FT-IR) Thermogravimetric Analysis

Manufacturer Bruker Optik GmbH

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