TG-DTA/GC-MS by Rigaku Corporation

Manufacturer Rigaku Corporation

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Simultaneous thermogravimetry, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.

This unique hybrid evolved gas analyzer system makes it practical to obtain information on not only a change of mass of a substance taking place at time of heating but also a chemical reaction difficult to decide on by traditional thermal analysis alone.

This type of system is an indispensable tool to powerfully support the development of new materials, the establishment of manufacturing techniques as well as quality control and fundamental research. Thus, jointly with such manufacturers' MS and GC-MS, the Rigaku thermal analyzer plays the important role of the total system. Measurement in a humidity controlled atmosphere is an available option.

EGA is an analytical technique in which the characteristics or amount of volatile products released by a substance are determined as a function of controlled temperature variation. EGA is typically used in materials science research and in the pharmaceutical industry to determine thermal stability, decomposition mechanisms, the nature of residual solvents and product safety.

TG-DTA/GC-MS Features:

  • Evolved gas collection mechanism of a unique design (patented)
  • Two introductory modes essential for TG/MS are provided as standard
  • Plentiful simulation functions and accurate temperature information unavailable from conventional pyrolyzers