TFF Polymeric Hollow Fiber Membranes and Ceramic Modules

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Polymeric Membranes
Pall’s polymeric hollow fiber membranes and modules comprise the Microza* range. Microza membranes are durable, industry-leading fibers available in a wide variety of ratings and polymers for applications as diverse as clarification, concentration and purification of bulk enzyme solutions,to optimized designs for long-term sterility maintenance and performance in critical mammalian cell culture perfusion.

Available ratings span the range from low molecular weight ultrafiltration through to microfiltration. All Microza membranes are supplied as self-contained modules, with no additional requirement for housings, enabling simplicity of system design. Modules are available that can be autoclaved, and many can be livesteamed, facilitating aseptic operation through the use of SIP

All membranes are available in modules ranging in size from a few square centimeters of surface area through multiple square meters in a single module to cover every scale of operation from the laboratory to the largest manufacturing plant with consistent fiber geometry.

Membrane modules can be cleaned for multiple re-use, the simple design facilitating such cleaning or, because of the convenience of the stand-alone modular design, may be treated as single-use items for many critical applications, such as the production of recombinant proteins in perfusion cell culture.