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Test Plate

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BioTek recognizes the importance of verifying the performance of analytical instrumentation.
Many regulatory agencies and laws such as CLIA 88 and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) require microplate readers to be checked periodically to ensure they continue to meet factory specifications.

Consistent performance over time is a hallmark of BioTek products. However, the consistency must be measured and documented regularly. BioTek's Test Plates are tools that make such testing easy, fast and accurate. By providing a convenient method of monitoring the performance of your reader over time, the Absorbance Test Plate can be an invaluable aid in diagnosing system performance of BioTek’s Absorbance Microplate Readers, as well as a documentation tool in your research or clinical laboratory. The Fluorescence Test Plate is designed for use with BioTek’s FLx800™, Synergy™ HT, Synergy 2 and Synergy 4 series of Multi-Mode Readers.