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Test Dye Mixtures
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Test dye mixtures are useful for functionality checks of individual steps in the TLC
procedure and for studying the influence of specific parameters.

CAMAG offers four different test dye mixtures:

032.8001 Test Dye Mixture I 100 mL (suitable for silica gel)
Dimethyl yellow - Oracet blue 2R - Oracet red G; solvent: toluene
032.8002 Test Dye Mixture II 100 mL (suitable for silica gel and aluminium oxide)
Sudan black - Artisil blue - Sudan yellow - fatty orange - fat red 7B - (Sudan black separates into two fractions); solvent: toluene
032.8003 Test Dye Mixture III 10 mL (suitable for HPTLC silica gel)
Ciba F II - Indophenol - Ariabel red - Sudan blue II - Sudan IV - dimethylaminoazobenzene; solvent: toluene
032.8004 Test Dye Mixture IV 50 mL (MERCK 9352, hydrophylic)
Chrysoin S - fast yellow - Amaranth - brilliant black BN; solvent: methanol - water 1:1

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