TENSOR II FT-IR Spectrometer

Manufacturer Bruker Optik GmbH

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The TENSOR II is a compact research grade FT-IR spectrometer with a compact size.

The TENSOR II is well suited for advanced FTIR applications in R&D due to its high sensitivity and flexibility. The TENSOR II is also very useful in routine applications for QC and material verification as it is compact in size and provides a very comfortable workflow. The high quality of the TENSOR II is not only expressed by its very high specification and its premium class housing but also by the long life time of all included components.

The TENSOR II is the first R&D FTIR using a diode laser with a much longer hold time than HeNe-lasers included in conventional R&D FTIR instrumentation. The IR-source in the TENSOR II is electronically stabilized to accomplish much longer exposure times than before. Another innovation is the new electronic platform with expanded functionality which provides a further increase in stability for the TENSOR II against mechanical disturbances and vibrations. The performance of the TENSOR II is continuously controlled. This control is not limited to a permanent check of the involved components, but also includes periodically performed test measurements to verify the specification of the system.

For regulated pharmaceutical laboratories the TENSOR II is prepared with fully-automated test routines for validation regarding operational qualification (OQ) and performance validation (QC). Its software OPUS is compliant with 21CFRp11, and validation according to the US, European and Japanese Pharmacopeia using integrated NIST traceable standards is available for the instrument.


  • Highest sensitivity by the permanently aligned RockSolid interferomenter and Digitect 24bit ADC detector technology
  • Continuous control of performance
  • Diode laser with long life time
  • Electronically stabilized IR source for long life time
  • Power mode for low intensity applications with DTGS detectors
  • Fully automated validation according to cGMP (OQ, PQ); 21 CFR Part 11; EU-, JP- and US-Pharmacopeia

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