TemPro - Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrofluorometer

Manufacturer HORIBA Scientific

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Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrofluorometer for EVERY Laboratory!
TemPro brings the power of lifetime spectrofluorometry to researchers who previously found it unaffordable.

TemPro uses the Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting (TCSPC) method - the reliable, intuitive, and most sensititive lifetime-measurement technique. The filter-based TemPro can measure the complete range of lifetimes from only 100 picoseconds to 1 second and beyond, with our NanoLED and SpectraLED solid-state pulsed excitation sources spanning wavelengths from the UV to NIR.

The TemPro lifetime spectrofluoremeter is so affordable that any laboratory can now exploit the power of fluorescence dynamics.