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Temperature control & Mixing Service
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Eppendorf Temperature Control & Mixing Service: We care for your samples

The right heating, cooling and mixing conditions are made very easy with our MixMate, Thermo- Stat plus and Thermomixers. We understand the numerous influences like geometry, type of liquid and material characteristics affect your mixing and tempering results. Deviations in temperature and mixing frequency may lead to non-reproducible results.

To guarantee you the precise function of the instrument according to manufacturer’s specifications we offer maintenance services including professional cleaning, inspection and exchange of wear and tear parts. For your Quality Management requirements we also offer certification services that combine Preventive Maintenance and Operational Qualification (OQ) including temperature and rotational speed frequency controls.
Performance Plans Features

* Eppendorf customer care and quality commitment
* Genuine and quality inspected Eppendorf parts
* Certified service reports and dated service labels

Value of Services

* Reliable system operation and results over the total system lifetime
* GLP compliant documentation
* Optimized service improves your process yield

Performance Plans are available in selected countries only.