Techno TwinStation by DiaMed, Inc.

Manufacturer DiaMed, Inc.
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Techno TwinStation

DiaMed, Inc.

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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Blood grouping and antibody screening

"This analyser is easy to use. It interfaced with the hospitals LIMS system easily. I have had good after sale experience with DiaMed. The engineers are very friendly and are deployed as soon as the problem is reported. They usually send the same engineer so a working relationship can be built."

Review date: 07 Nov 2013 | Techno TwinStation
Compact and fully automated analyser: 

• New concept, high throughput, flexible and user-friendly, for combinations of ID-Cards and microplates 
• Loading capacity for up to 36 samples, 48 ID-Cards, 3 microplates and 24 reagents 
• With 2 centrifuges/readers combined (24 ID-Cards capacity each) 
• Functions performed automatically: full positive identification, cell suspensions, piercing of ID-Cards, pipetting, incubation, centrifugation, reading and interpretation 
• Performance: up to 60 ID-Cards (360 tests) per hour 
• Complete traceability of tests, results and operator 
• Automatic dispense verification 
• Bi-directional connection to LIS/host 
• User-friendly operation with flat touch-screen 
• All operations are monitored by Maestro MasterSoftware