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TEC Control Units

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The INHECO CPAC and shaker devices require a power supply, temperature controller and optionally a rpm controller. INHECO offers three so-called “TEC Control” units to provide these functions, integrated in one device:

* Multi TEC Control MTC

* Single TEC Control STC

Up to 2009, the TEC Control 96 was the standard TEC Control available for controlling the INHECO heating & cooling devices. Connected through RS232 and utilizing a Watlow temperature controller, the TEC Control 96 is being replaced by the MTC/STC product family, offering state of the art technology. MTC/STC are equipped with interchangeable slots to connect to different INHECO devices, providing maximum flexibility. The MTC/STC can be operated manually using the touch screen display or through the USB interface. The soft- and firmware of the controller allows programming of complex temperature and shaking sequences. The MTC/STC use basically the same firmware, so no additional integration work is required once one of the two devices has been integrated. Both STC and MTC are prepared for use in customer IVD applications.
The MTC can handle up to 6 different CPACs or shakers simultaneously and independently, providing maximum flexibility for larger applications, the STC controls 1 device.

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TEC Control Units by INHECO GmbH product image