TE22 Mini Transfer Unit

Manufacturer GE Healthcare
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Average Rating: 3.7
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Rating: 3.7

"The mini transfer apparatus has been of great help to us in carrying out protein transfer in much faster and efficient way. We had been using a larger hoeffer apparatus and the disadvantage was that it was using in too much buffer and took us around twelve hours to transfer which was a real pain. With the mini apparatus, it’s very convenient to transfer with a less volume of buffer and has allowed us to do the experiment in a much less time. I believe it has helped to make our lives a lot easier."

Review date: 29 Nov 2013 | TE22 Mini Transfer Unit
  • Perform protein and nucleic acid transfers in less than one hour.
  • Transfer four mini-gels up to 9 × 10 cm in about 1L of buffer. Control transfer temperature through built-in alumina heat exchanger. Set up transfers quickly with the hinged, color-coded cassettes.
  • To assure a uniform electrical field, Mini Tank Transfer Unit has 80 cm of wire in seven parallel strands on each electrode panel.
  • The built-in alumina-covered heat exchanger dissipates the heat generated by tank electrotransfer. The temperature rises no more than 5 °C during a typical transfer with a magnetic stirrer circulating the buffer, and tap water running through the heat exchanger.
  • Ecomomical and Safe requiring less than 1L of buffer.