Te-Stack: The fast and flexible stacker system by Tecan

Manufacturer Tecan

Te-Stack: The fast and flexible stacker system by Tecan product image
Te-Stack: The fast and flexible stacker system
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The Te-Stack™ Module from Tecan gives life sciences labs an efficient and affordable way to automate the storage, retrieval and delivery of microplates and disposable tips (DiTi's) for unprecedented process throughput in a wide range of genomics, drug discovery and ADME applications.

Te-Stack is designed to integrate quickly and easily with Tecan's Genesis ®platform automated systems and Te-MO ™multi-channel pipetting option, both of which can accommodate multiple e-Stacks for even greater processing speeds and application flexibility.

• One or more Te-Stacks can be used to handle DiTi's and plates (filled or empty)on a single workstation.
• Each Te-Stack holds up to 50 standard microtiter plates;or up to 12 DiTi boxes;or up to 15 deep-well plates (DWPs).
• Handles microplates, deep-well plates,PCR plates etc and accommodates a range of disposable tips.
• Accelerated Throughput. Provides precise retrieval and delivery in less than 5 seconds.
• Eliminates programming-intensive operations that impede throughput and hamper process reliability.

Features and Benefits
• Positioning of DiTis and plates on a carrier for direct access of the Liquid handling arm or multichannel pipetting head- Reduction of movements of robotic handlers saves a lot of time and increases the throughput
• Dispensing of different Diti types- Different types of Ditis can be used with the stacker for highest flexibility (no mixed configuration)
• Adjustable for different plate or rack heights-Full flexibility to use of: different 96 / 384 and 1536 plates, DWP / MTP PCR plates, Strip plates etc. All plates compatible with one Stacker column.
• Modular build system of column Diti/plate dispenser module and Transfer module- easy exchange of plates and Ditis from one instrument to the next.
• One dispensing module for Ditis and plates- fast switch from plates to Ditis, maintains full flexibility, saves a lot of time and is very easy to do.
• Easy upgrade of existing GENESIS- saves time and protection of internal investment.
Integration on Te-MO- Very fast automated loading of tips to the system. Very fast automated exchange of disposable tips on the Te-MO. Fastest tip swap available on a multichannel pipetting instrument.
• Integrated into Gemini / FACTS- easy integration into a script full flexibility and functionality through the dynamic scheduling software FACTS.
• BC option Using of the stacker also for source plates.Running of complete assays.
• Speed- < 5 sec

Product Overview

Te-Stack: The fast and flexible stacker system by Tecan product image

Te-Stack: The fast and flexible stacker system

Manufacturer Tecan

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