Te-Link™ Interlink Option by Tecan

Manufacturer Tecan

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Te-Link™ Interlink Option
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The Te-Link Microplate-Based Transport Shuttle can move microplate-based labware from one Tecan robotic platform to another. A simple enough concept and very easy to upgrade and implement, the Te-Link allows any application to be performed by increasing the available robotic resources. It also eliminates the need to add expensive and complex standalone robots.

Te-Link allows interlinking of related process steps. For example a system optimized for cell maintenance, with high capacity temperature-controlled incubation, large volume media exchange and sterile conditions, may use Te-Link to transfer mature plates directly into an optimized assay system. The assay system, in addition to performing the test steps such as those for a cell permeability assay, may be further linked to analysis systems. Tecan’s powerful software package allows a united and coordinated control of each individual application system and a perfect synchronization between the systems, ensuring optimized workflow and making user intervention unnecessary. A further example is the separation of pre- and post-nucleic acid amplification steps. Some laboratories prefer to run these applications in segregated areas. The Te-Link allows plates to be automatically transferred between a sample preparation station and an amplification station through the smallest possible access gap.

Te-Link can be mounted at any position on the worktable or at the rear of the worktable interfacing to the front, rear or either side of another Tecan platform. The liquid handling arm can pipette directly to a microplate on Te-Link when the microplate is transferred into the work area. Otherwise a Robotic Manipulator transfers plates to and from the module.

The Te-Link module is a simple transport device allowing easy interlinking of Tecan liquid handling and robotic platforms.

Te-link enables:

  • Optimization of workflow
  • Partitioning of application areas within a single process
  • Fast increase in scale of operations

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Te-Link™ Interlink Option by Tecan product image

Te-Link™ Interlink Option

Manufacturer Tecan

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