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TBE Buffer
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TBE Buffer available in a number of different formats. 10X liquid concentrate or the 5X liquid concentrate can be used to easily prepare a 1X working solution by diluting with distilled, deionized water. Ready-Packs™ allow for the stable storage of the pre-mixed powder form that can be dissolved in distilled, deionized water to yield 1 liter each of 10X TBE buffer solution. A solid, tablet form of 50X TBE allows for the convenient, space-saving storage of TBE in a non-precipitable form. The EZ TBE 50X concentrate tablets come individually pouched and require heating for less than a minute in a microwave in water to dissolve. The dissolved tablet is then reconstituted to the appropriate volume to yield the required TBE solution. Fresh TBE can be made in a matter of minutes for any electrophoresis application. The tablet format allows for a longer shelf life without precipitation problems and also decreases the storage space normally required for liquid TBE.