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The TargetLynx™ Application Manager automates sample data acquisition, processing and reporting for quantitative results.

It incorporates a range of confirmatory checks that identify samples that fall outside user-specified or regulatory thresholds.

Identify Non-compliant Samples

TargetLynx rapidly identifies and flags samples where:

  • Analytes are above a specified maximum reporting level (MRL)
  • Analyte confirmatory ion ratios are outside specified limits
  • One or more analyte signal-to-noise ratios are below a defined value
  • An analyte retention time or relative retention time is outside limits
  • An analyte concentration is below set LOD and LOQ thresholds
  • The standard deviation of response for QC standards exceeds a defined value
  • The blank response is too high
  • The coefficient of determination (r2) of the calibration curve exceeds a defined value


Use TargetLynx to quantify and confirm both LC/MS & LC/MS/MS and GC/MS & GC/MS/MS data. This data may be selected ion monitoring (SIM), multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), or full scan/full spectrum. In the case of full scan/spectrum data, extracted ion chromatograms are used for quantification.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

The demand by regulatory authorities for assurance of confirmation in quantitative analysis continues to increase. To ensure cost-effective compliance, TargetLynx offers software that gives you confidence in your results and eliminates time-consuming, costly manual checks.