TaqMan® Gene Expression Master Mix

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The TaqMan® Gene Expression Master Mix is tailored for precise quantification by real-time PCR.

It is designed for routine and challenging experiments such as:

  • Rare transcript detection
  • Duplex PCR for co-amplifying two targets in a single reactionduplex PCR
  • Specific detection of gene family members
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Validation of RNAi-induced gene knockdown & microarrays
  • Pathogen detection & viral load quantification
  • Copy number variation & gene dosage analysis

Other features of the TaqMan® Gene Expression Master Mix:

  • Sensitive detection down to 1 copy of target
  • Enables you to detect small amounts of sample when used with TaqMan® PreAmp Master Mix
  • Validated with TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays
  • Reaction size is based on 50 µl reaction volume.

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TaqMan® Gene Expression Master Mix

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific Invitrogen

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