Tangential Flow Filtration Membrane Cassettes by Pall Life Sciences Products - Biopharmaceutical Division

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Tangential Flow Filtration Membrane Cassettes

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Centramate Cassettes
Centramate cassettes are perfect for laboratory scale and development applications in TFF. Small area formats with 0.009 m2 and 0.018 m2 may be used with the LV Centramate holder for process volumes of a few liters down to a few milliliters. The 0.09 m2 format is used with the Centramate Stainless Steel or Centramate PE holders. Centramate cassettes are available in a range of channel formats and membranes to meet every application requirement. The cassettes are supplied with the same membrane and construction materials as used in the Centrasette Membrane cassettes.
Applications developed on a Centramate cassette can be easily scaled up by adding cassettes to a Centramate holder or by switching to the Centrasette cassette format with identical path length and channel format.

Centrasette and Centrasette II Cassettes
Centrasette cassettes,available in the same range of membrane and screen formats as the Centramate cassettes, have been widely used for years in various process applications including concentration and diafiltration by the biopharmaceutical industry. Centrasette cassettes are available with membrane areas of 0.46, 1.9, and 2.3 m2 (5, 20, and 25 ft2). Larger cassette areas simplify installation in large TFF systems, reducing the number of gaskets required and minimizing risk of leakage

Pall continues to improve membrane cassettes to meet the more rigid requirements of today’s applications. The Centrasette II membrane cassette uses the same components as in the original Centrasette. Therefore revalidation may not be necessary. Feed ports in the Centrasette II have been enlarged to twice the size of the Centrasette and membrane area has been increased by about 10%. The larger fluid port design will enhance the membranes performance by:

  • Improving fluid flow distribution between and through cassettes
  • Allowing more efficient cleaning
  • Reducing the pressure profile across the feed/retentate channels

Both types of Centrasette cassettes are available with 3 different membrane area options to meet small scale and larger process volume requirements. The Centrasette cassettes fit in a variety of Centrasette holders as well as similar holders from other manufacturers.

The Maximate membrane cassette offers the opportunity to simulate the performance of the larger Maxisette membrane cassette on a smaller scale. The path length in Maximate membrane cassettes is identical to that used in the Maxisette format but the membrane surface area and hold up volume are proportionately lower, meaning that processing and optimization studies may be performed on smaller batches.

The Maxisette format has some distinct benefits that make it advantageous for large volume processes. Most important is that the volumetric flow rate required is 40 % lower compared to cassette formats like the Centrasette. This translates to a smaller pump and piping diameter required for the same membrane area with a corresponding reduction in energy cost. The larger porting in the Maxisette (almost 50% larger feed and retentate ports than the Centrasette II Cassette) provides lower resistance to high feed flow rates which results in lower pressure drops and easier cleaning.