Tangential Flow Filtration Membrane Cassette Holders

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Holder Fittings Kits
Complete fittings kits consisting of pressure gauges, valves, filtrate manifold, connectors, gaskets and clamps are available for most cassette holders. Ordering a complete fitting kit with the cassette holder simplifies installation into a system and avoids potential delays in
starting your process due to missing parts.

Designed for optimum performance and product recovery Pall TFF cassette holders are available in a variety of sizes to meet every application requirement. This way applications that are developed on a small system using a Centramate or Maximate cassette can be easily scaled up, either by adding additional cassettes to the holder or by scaling into a larger cassette format and holder configuration with identical flow path like the Centrasette/Centrastak or Maxisette holders.

TFF cassette holders for the medium and large-scale production environment have a small footprint, yet still are capable of holding large areas of membrane. All stainless steel holders are engineered to precise specifications with a high standard internal and external surface finish and are available with either manual torque (MT) or auto torque (AT) compression systems for ease of use.

Operators must use calibrated torque wrenches (supplied with the holder) to effect required compression of cassettes and gaskets in a manual torque cassette holder. Auto-torque cassette holders automatically compensate for cassette compression and temperature reduction.

They also eliminate variability in technique between operators. Auto-torque cassette holders are recommended for process-scale validated processes. Sanitary stainless steel holders may be sterilized by steam or autoclaving without cassettes installed.