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Tablet Hardness Testers
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Review date: 22 Apr 2009 | Tablet Hardness Testers
Tablet Hardness testing is also called tablet breaking force and measures the tablet mechanical integrity.

The tablet breaking force is depending on the tablet geometry. If the tablet shape is not round e.g. oblong shapes the user has to place, in a reproducible way, carefully the tablets in the instrument: the Tablet Hardness Tester.

Understanding that problem, SOTAX has been the first to develop a unique patented system called Auto Alignment™ which will align your oblong tablets for you with accuracy and reproducibility!

SOTAX Tablet Hardness Testers solve another classic problem faced with tablet hardness testers: some instruments are using a constant loading rate e.g. 20 N per sec or a constant platen movement e.g. 1 mm per sec and therefore a comparison between two units is sometimes difficult. SOTAX instruments can always been parametered in both modes.