TableCurve 2D by Systat Software Inc

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TableCurve 2D
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TableCurve 2D - Curve Fitting Made Fast and Easy

A linear and non-linear curve fitting software package for engineers and scientists that automates the curve fitting process and in a single processing step that instantly fits and ranks over 3,600 built-in frequently encountered equations enabling users to easily find the ideal model to their 2D data within seconds.

TableCurve 2D’s state-of-the-art data fitting includes capabilities not found in other software packages:

• A 38-digit precision math emulator for properly fitting high order polynomials and rationals.

• A robust fitting capability for nonlinear fitting that effectively copes with outliers and a wide dynamic Y data range.

• An AI Expert option that automatically selects the appropriate peak, transition or kinetics models for you.