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Syro Wave
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Rapidly synthesize high quality peptides using the microwave or parallel peptide synthesizer The Biotage® Syro Wave™ system is a programmable peptide synthesizer that is capable of both conventional room temperature parallel peptide synthesis and microwave assisted peptide synthesis. The system is a fully automated and computer controlled peptide synthesizer, based on a pipetting robot with a single arm. The Biotage Syro Wave system is a combination of the MultiSynTech Syro I and Biotage Initiator 1 instruments, controlled by a single PC. This is the only system available with both microwave and parallel peptide synthesis capabilities. With the Syro Wave peptide synthesizer Biotage offers a system with a proven pedigree and history of performance and reliability. Benefit from the unique ability to make part of the peptide sequence using conventional solid phase peptide synthesis on the parallel reactor block and then transfer the reactor vial to the microwave cavity to drive difficult couplings to completion.