Syringe Pump LAMBDA VIT-FIT by LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments

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The syringe fixing system VIT-FIT allows almost any syringe to be used, from micro syringes to large volume syringes, without the use of an adapter. The syringe is tightly held in both directions — infusion and filling.

And in addition, the handling of the syringes is very easy.

Construction advantages and properties of the VIT-FIT syringe pump (infusion pump)
To move the pusher we have selected a new Swiss made motor which uses new technology to ensure very high torque and ten times longer lifetime. For the transformation of the rotation into a linear movement required for pushing the syringe plunger, we have introduced for the first time new Swiss made ball screws with highest mechanical load capacity. This is an expensive component in our syringe pump, but it offers decisive advantages to the user in terms of efficiency and mechanical yield/force of the system. This is crucial for a pulsation-free operation.