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Syncore® Analyst

Buchi Labortechnik AG

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Smooth and environmentally friendly concentration

The Syncore® Analyst is designed for smooth concentration of 4 to 12 samples ranging in volumes of 30 to 500 ml down to pre-defined residual volumes of 0.3, 1.0, or 3.0 ml, respectively. The key features of the Syncore® Analyst sample racks is an integrated cooling zone which stores the sample in a cooled environment as soon as a defined volume is reached. High recovery rates are achieved with the ultimate Flushback Modul that gently rinses the glass wall during operation with the solvent being evaporated.

High recovery rates with the Flushback Module
In most analytical applications high recovery rates are essential for reliable investigations. The Flushback Module for the rack R-6 and R-12 improves the recovery rate significantly by preventing valuable sample adhering to the glass walls during the evaporation process. In addition, the evaporation process is completely observable due to the innovative crystal rack.

SPE & Evaporation
Conventional solid phase extraction (SPE), an essential step in many analytical procedures, includes a number of laborious steps. With the help of the modified parallel evaporator, Syncore®, all essential work-up steps including evaporation of the eluates are achieved without any sample handling between the individual steps.

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