Symyx Benchtop Systems by Symyx

Manufacturer Symyx
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Symyx Benchtop Systems
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With integrated chemistry, software and instrumentation protocols, Benchtop Systems provide research and development teams in the pharmaceutical, chemical and consumer products industries with standard configurations and applications designed to accelerate R&D while reducing costs.

The Benchtop System won the 2007 ALA New Product Award Designation at LabAutomation2007!

Symyx Benchtop Systems applications currently available include:

  • Analytical Sample Preparation: Prepare sets of standards for analytical calibration curves and for analytical method development.
  • Catalyst Impregnation: Prepare arrays of solid-support metal catalysts for heterogeneous reaction screening.
  • Coatings and Characterization: Design, implement and characterize formulations for a variety of performance materials and consumer products with greater speed and precision.
  • Crystallization: Reduce the time and quantity of materials needed to complete small molecule crystallization studies for polymorph screening, salt selection, or co-crystal screening.
  • Excipient Compatibility: Efficiently design, automate and implement consistent excipient compatibility studies.
  • Forced Degradation/Stability: Improve the consistency and efficiency of materials stability and forced degradation studies.
  • Liquid Formulations: Rapidly optimize liquid or viscous materials using high-throughput techniques to explore a large and complex formulations space.
  • Solubility: Speed research with an automated solution for solubility profiling.

These applications are also available as integrated workflows to perform automated experimentation for complete lab processes which would include integration with lab equipment and the ability to support document browsing and searching, enterprise-level security and auditing, and configurable document workflow. Symyx Tools integrated workflow applications are available for the Chemicals and Petrochemical, Life Sciences, and Performance Materials and Consumer Products industries.

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Symyx Benchtop Systems by Symyx product image

Symyx Benchtop Systems

Manufacturer Symyx

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