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SYLOID® Silica

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SYLOID® Silica for Pharmaceutical Applications

Because of its multifunctional character, silica has gained importance in the pharmaceutical industry as: 

• A highly efficiency glidant 
• Tableting aid 
• Suspension aid disintegrant 
• Dragee

Silica is also used as carrier material for active agents because of its high adsorption capacity, controlled desorption, and improved compatibility.

SYLOID® silica excipients provide: 

• Controlled particle size for more uniform blending resulting in improved content uniformity 
• Higher bulk density than alternate silica materials for cleaner work areas and reduced risk of cross-contamination 
• High adsorptive capacity to carry higher levels of liquids and active agents 
• Improved powder flow properties 
• Quicker tableting because of moisture adsorption 
• Better storage properties