SX20 Stopped Flow Spectrometer by Applied Photophysics Ltd

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The preferred choice for steady-state and kinetic studies

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SX20 Stopped-flow Spectrometer
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The excellent sensitivity, opto-mechanical performance, robustness, and intuitive software of the SX20 stopped-flow system have made it the favored choice for researchers globally. Speed, along with a selection of mixing and detection options offers the highest productivity in steady state and kinetic studies.  A full range of accessories, including fluorescence polarization, sequential mixing, and photodiode array detection, further expand the capabilities of this well-known product range. 


  • Robust design, straightforward operation
  • Improved for absorbance and fluorescence without the need for reconfiguration
  • Full scanning capability
  • Remarkably high fluorescence sensitivity with low inner-filtering
  • Wide temperature range