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Swisslog TransLogic Pneumatic Tube Systems
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Rating: 4.7

  • Application Area: Laboratory department

"Most lab directors rely on p-tube to transport specimens to and from various parts of hospital. The return on investment is generally within the first two years. System is easily retrofitable in existing hospital."

Review date: 29 Feb 2012 | Swisslog TransLogic Pneumatic Tube Systems
Swisslog TransLogic pneumatic tube systems are specially designed for healthcare facilities in North America and international markets. More than 2,000 Swisslog pneumatic tube systems are installed across North America including the TransLogic and Quantum product lines.

Swisslog’s TransLogic pneumatic tube system delivers patient-critical items quickly, reliably and with the best ROI of virtually any healthcare transport solution. Swisslog is proud to deliver the lowest cost of ownership of any pneumatic tube system. Our highly reliable systems are installed with minimal disruption and are designed to handle hospital traffc requirements with maximum performance—promoting best practices for privacy, security, safety and proper transport protocol. In addition, Swisslog customers receive unmatched 24/7 customer support.

Swisslog revolutionized the healthcare pneumatic tube system over 25 years ago, introducing the computerized
pneumatic tube system. Swisslog’s progressive developments specifically address the growing needs of healthcare:

> Eco-Seal was the first leak-resistant carrier
> Innovative DuraBand wear-resistant bands
> Radio frequency identification (RFID) for carrier tracking, management, and assignment by function
> Variable speed options for sensitive specimen transport
> Station Access doors physically secure station contents
> WhoTube card swipe limits station access and protects patient privacy
> Automated Alert Messaging notifications via mobile devices and PC
> Eithernet communication technology to leverage your IT investment
> Xpress Technology offers a unique solution for high-traffc across long distances