SureTect Real-Time PCR System by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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SureTect Real-Time PCR System
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SureTect* Real-Time PCR System - unique solution combining speed and performance in an easy-to-use, cost-effective platform - giving you results you can trust.

Thermo Scientific* SureTect Real-Time PCR System is designed to quickly and accurately detect microorganisms in a broad range of food and environmental samples.

The SureTect System combines a real-time PCR instrument with bespoke software and convenient pre-filled reagent components that, together with a single PCR protocol for a range of common targets and sample types, streamline the test workflow.

SureTect* Real-Time PCR System Features:

  • Fast Time to Result: From sample enrichment to results in less than 24 hours
  • Single Enrichment Step: No secondary enrichment or regrowth required, for faster, simpler testing
  • Easy-to-Use: Few pipetting steps, pre-filled lysis tubes and freeze-dried PCR pellets, with no centrifuge or vortex required for sample preparation
  • Streamlined Protocol: Facilitates processing of multiple assays in the same run for maximum efficiency
  • Superior PCR Technology: Probe-based real-time assays for unparalleled sensitivity and specificity
  • Simple, Intuitive Software: Enables rapid, straightforward PCR set-up, automatic data interpretation and traceability of results
  • Small Instrument Footprint: Fits easily into laboratory environments, where bench space is at a premium

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