SureTag Complete DNA Labeling Kit by Agilent Technologies

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SureTag Complete DNA Labeling Kit
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Agilent’s SureTag DNA Labeling Kits provide reagents to purify and label DNA in preparation for hybridization with Agilent oligo aCGH, ChIP-on-chip, DNA methylation and Gene Expression (FFPE samples only) microarrays.

The SureTag Complete DNA Labeling Kit provides all the necessary reagents for a complete enzymatic labeling solution. All components for sample fragmentation, labeling and clean-up are included. Two vials of Agilent Male and Female Human Reference DNA are also included. The reference DNA is a high quality, genotyped DNA from normal male and female individuals, Caucasian ethnicity.

The SureTag Complete DNA Labeling Kit generates robust cyanine-labeled genomic DNA targets for optimal hybridization signals with high signal-to-noise ratio and low probe-to-probe variability. Efficient labeling provides reproducibility, confidence and maximum sensitivity in your experimental results.

SureTag Complete DNA Labeling Kit Features:

  • Superior results and complete workflow for Agilent oligonucleotide array-based CGH, CGH+SNP, CNV, ChIP-on-chip and DNA Methylation workflows.
  • The kit is manufactured under ISO 13485 compliance and validated for use with Agilent microarrays.
  • Sufficient reagents for 50 labeling reactions (or 100 reactions for the 8-pack).
  • Sample required per reaction is 500 ng genomic DNA or 3 µg amplified genomic DNA.
  • DNA columns are included for the removal of the unincorporated dye after labeling.