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SureFISH Probes
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Agilent provides the most comprehensive menu of FISH probes for rapid identification of a wide range of chromosomal aberrations across the genome. Our catalog probes target relevant regions for a wide range of applications such as detection of aneuploidy, constitutional microdeletion syndromes, various rearrangements in oncology, and constitutional cytogenetics.

Agilent's Comprehensive Menu of FISH Probes Provides:

Coverage of the Most Relevant Targets
• Broad Menu: Hundreds of relevant probes for constitutional and cancer applications available

Superior Performance
• Higher resolution compared to BACs
• High sensitivity and specificity
• Probes designed to meet ACMG guidelines for clinical cytogenetics

• Flexibility to tag with choice of fluorescent dye to fit your visualization needs

SureFISH probes provide ultimate workflow flexibility
o Green( ex: 495nm; em:517nm)
o Red( ex:547nm; em: 565nm)
• Unique in silico design methodology for targeting specific regions

Quality Control
• Probe localization to correct chromosome, demonstrated by 4 & 14 hour hybridization images for every probe
• Each probe is sequence verified to ensure specificity to the region of interest

Streamlined Workflow
• Pre-labeled probes to reduce labor time
• Compatible with established FISH procedures and filter sets
• Fast hybridization time

Integration with Agilent CytoGenomics Data Analysis Software
• Confirm CGH aberration by visualizing the probe of interest in Agilent CytoGenomics software
• Link from CytoGenomics software to the website for streamline order process

Regulatory Compliant
• FDA Class I ASR probes manufactured under QSR guidelines

*This product is covered in the United States by U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,985,549 and 8,058,055