Supradisc™ HP Depth Filter Modules by Pall Life Sciences Products - Biopharmaceutical Division

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Supradisc™ HP Depth Filter Modules

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High-performance Cell Clarification Depth Filters
Pall Supradisc™ HP modules include two; full thickness; graded; high efficiency; depth filter layres in combination. This technology enhances process clarification steps such as whole cell and cell lysate separations. Additionally, other difficult to filter processes such as centrifuge supernatants and culture media can benefit from Pall’s Supradisc HP technology. These performance enhanced depth filters have been designed for low viability and high solids containing applications. With many new processes containing higher debris loads and with the wider distribution of particle sizes in biotech applications, conventional depth filter technology may no longer achieve desired performance. Pall Supradisc HP depth filters provide the robustness and performance for current process demands.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to provide maximum throughput for biological, bioprocess, and pharmaceutical filtration.
  • Consist of high purity pharmaceutical grade depth filter media, which are optimized for low endotoxins and low extractables levels.
  • Provide high dirt hold capacity combined with very low protein adsorption and long service life.
  • Provide excellent capabilities in removing a wide range of suspended particles down to sub-micron size in a wide range of cell culture applications. The HP modules ensure high protection for subsequent sterile filters as well as chromatography columns.
  • Compress clarification processing steps saving time and resources and reduce operating costs.
  • Steam sterilizable at 125 °C (257 °F) for 30 min.
  • All components meet the specifications for the biological test listed in the current version of the USP class VI 121 °C.
  • Supradisc HP modules as well as all their components are fully traceable.
  • Available in a wide range of media optimized for specific process steps.
  • Available in Supracap 200 encapsulated format for applications that require a disposable format.