SupraDisc™ Depth Filter Modules by Pall Life Sciences Products - Biopharmaceutical Division

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SupraDisc™ Depth Filter Modules

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Module Concept
Each module consists of three major components:
• Filter cells or lenticles
• Tubular
• Adapters
The individual filter cells comprising two filter media layers and a drainage plate are edge-sealed in an injection-molding process.
Up to 21 cells are stacked on a tubular core, compressed and joined to form a module.
This design results in reliable sealing between the filter cells, even if the module is in a dry state, which eliminates the need for retightening after wetting.

Filter Media
Depth filters, which prove highly successful in a vast range of applications, are incorporated as filter media. Due to their excellent mechanical strength, they can be readily incorporated into modules.
Almost all grades of depth filters available in Pall sheet format are also available in modular configuration, so that change-over from open sheet filter systems to closed systems is relatively easy.

The Complete Filter System
The proven adapter is fitted with two O-rings and a bayonet lock, a successful concept, adopted by the pharmaceutical industry for filter cartridges. Consequently, SupraDisc modules can be mounted into filter housings rapidly and easily.

Due to their specific design, SupraDisc modules are characterized by a very high mechanical stability.
A range of module types with different permeabilities, filter media, and diameters – 284 and 413 mm (11.2 and 16.3 in.) – permits precise optimization of the filter system to specific filtration tasks.
Modules to retrofit most commercial housings are available.

Features and Benefits
• Permits filtration without product losses due to the enclosed design
• Requires less space than classical filtration systems due to its vertical design
• Offers maximum reliability against product contamination
• Affords maximum operational safety due to the exclusion of emissions
• Very simple to handle due to rapid module change and ease of cleaning
• Modules with double O-ring adapters guarantee maximum reliability during the entire process
• A depth filter system with an extremely high retention capability for solids
• Long service life: due to the mechanical depth filter effect and the ZETA potential, particles are retained by both mechanical and electrokinetic adsorption
• Grades for the retention of yeast, bacteria, and colloids are available
• Supplied as a ready-to use unit, subsequent retightening after wetting is not necessary, simplifying handling
• Highly efficient in the protection of downstream membrane filters with “police filter” duties, media and media-difficult filter
• Can be sterilized by autoclaving or steam-sterilization or disinfected with hot water or by chemical means
• Can be disposed of with common industrial waste and can be incinerated

Note: For used depth filters, the disposal regulations applicable for the filtered product must be considered