Supracap™ 200 Encapsulated Depth Filter Modules by Pall Life Sciences Products - Biopharmaceutical Division

Supracap™ 200 Encapsulated Depth Filter Modules by Pall Life Sciences Products - Biopharmaceutical Division product image
Supracap™ 200 Encapsulated Depth Filter Modules

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The Supracap 200 depth filter capsule provides all the features and benefits of the Supradisc and Supradisc II modules in a single-use, disposable design.
The advantages of encapsulated disposable systems are linked with highly reduced operator exposure risks, less cleaning effort, increased yields and better handling. These are the main reasons why disposable capsules are used throughout the pharmaceutical industry. Capsule filters can help eliminate cleaning problems, especially where biological products are to be filtered. In applications where hazardous materials are being filtered, such as cytotoxic drugs, or where toxic materials like catalysts or contaminated activated carbon has to be removed, Pall Supracap 200 capsules offer better operator protection and simplify process-handling. Pall Supracap 200 capsules are the first encapsulated single-use depth filter modules for large-scale process filtration.

The capsule design provides a lower hold-up volume than Supradisc modules in stainless steel housings, allowing greater product recovery. The encapsulated modules are installed in a Pall Advanta Supracap 200 housing. The housing functions as a means of secondary pressure containment and does not require cleaning. The inlet and outlet pipes are removable and cleanable. The Supracap 200 housing can also be used withSupradisc modules.

Design Features

• No contact between operator and fluids, means reduced exposure risks
• Less product loss due to less void volume means higher yields
• Better handling of difficult and toxic products
• Lower process times due to reduced cleaning
• No cross-contamination risks
• All Pall Supracap 200 modules are 100% pressure-tested after production
• Pall Supracap 200 modules are sterilizable at 125 °C (257 °F) for 60 minutes
• All plastic components used in construction meet the specifications for the biological tests listed in the current version of the USP class VI at 121 °C
• Pall Supracap 200 modules as well as all their components are fully traceable by serial number