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Bruker AXS'  SuperSpeedSolutions™ is a new series of X-ray diffraction (XRD) systems for material research applications.  Two novel technologies, the high-power Turbo-X-ray Source™ and the high-speed 1-dimensional VANTEC-1™ detector based on brand new MikroGap™ technology, now enable X-ray diffraction to go beyond current limitations in terms of sensitivity and speed.   The Turbo-X-ray Source has up to 18kW power and is fully integrated into the D8 platform, just like similar sealed tubes in conventional XRD systems.  The Turbo-X-ray Source shows outstanding sensitivity compared with other sources on the market.   In combination with the new VANTEC-1 detector, or with the existing HISTAR™ detection system, it enables researchers to perform time-resolved X-ray diffraction experiments with milliseconds time resolution.  The new SuperSpeedSolutions also includes Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) systems for nanostructure analysis, by combining the recently launched NANOSTAR™ with the new Turbo-X-ray Source.