SunFire® C18 and C8 Analytical Columns by Waters

Manufacturer Waters
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SunFire® C18 and C8 Analytical Columns
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Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: API's impurities

"When combined with LC-MS/MS returns excellent results. It is highly versatile, durable, high performance and with good durability and reliability. "

Review date: 04 Aug 2014 | SunFire® C18 and C8 Analytical Columns
SunFire® columns set a new standard as the state-of-the-art bonded C18 and C8 silica HPLC column. Through years of research and product development, SunFire® columns represent the best in particle and bonding expertise for a new level of chromatographic performance.

Excellent Low pH Stability
Column lifetime is improved through better low pH stability compared to many silica-based HPLC column brands.

High Efficiency
SunFire® columns are packed with state-of-the-art silica and new proprietary C18 and C8 bonding and endcapping for high efficiency, resulting in greater sensitivity.

Batch-to-Batch Reproducibility
SunFire® columns are manufactured to achieve the highest level of chromatographic consistency column-to-column and batch-to-batch.

SunFire® columns are compatible with mass spectrometry applications, providing sharp peaks, excellent sensitivity, large peak capacity and ultra low bleed. In addition, the speed, excellent resolution and low backpressure offered by SunFire® Intelligent Speed (IS™) columns result in reduced costs and less time to complete analytical runs.

Superior Peak Shape
By combining new bonding and new endcapping technologies for the SunFire® columns, Waters has developed a particle with superior peak shape performance. SunFire® columns provide symmetrical peaks for improved resolution and quantitation of acidic, neutral and basic compounds at low and intermediate pH ranges.

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SunFire® C18 and C8 Analytical Columns by Waters product image

SunFire® C18 and C8 Analytical Columns

Manufacturer Waters

4.3 / 5.0 | 1 reviews