Sub-Cell® Model 192 Cell (170-4508)

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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The Sub-Cell® Model 192 Cell (170-4508) offers even higher throughput capabilities than the Sub-Cell Mode 96 cell and is also compatible with multichannel pipets.

The cell accommodates gels up to 25 cm long. Using four or more 51-well analytical combs, more than two 96-well microplates of samples can be run. The longer gels and buffer recirculation ports of the Sub-Cell Model 192 cell make this cell ideal for Southern and northern blotting and separation of cosmid DNA restriction digests. The 25 x 10 cm and 25 x 15 cm trays, comb holder and combs, and electrode assemblies are interchangeable between the Sub-Cell Model 96 and Sub-Cell Model 192 electrophoresis cells.

All Sub-Cell Model 192 cells include a buffer tank, a safety lid with cables, a leveling bubble, and combs (26-well and 51-well). System configurations that include additional accessories are also available.