Styre Screen® Extraction Columns by UCT, Inc.

Manufacturer UCT, Inc.

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Styre Screen® Extraction Columns
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Styre Screen® Extraction Columns contain an ultra clean, highly cross-linked styrene and divinylbenzene copolymer.

The Styre Screen particles have an average particle size of 30 microns and a very high analyte capacity making them ideal for standard solid phase extraction applications. The increased analyte capacity means that less sorbent bed mass is needed which results in faster flow rates and less solvent use. Higher throughput and less solvent waste disposal translate into significant savings in both time and money. In addition, no conditioning steps are required for most analyte applications.

Styre Screen® Extraction Columns Advantages:

  • Copolymer allows for extraction of acids, neutrals and bases
  • High and reproducible recoveries
  • Clean extractions
  • Highly cross-linked styrene/divinylbenzene polymer
  • Reduction in sorbent mass
  • Faster flow rates
  • pH stable (1 to 14)
  • Reduction in solvent use
  • High sorbent capacity
  • Methods for NIDA/SAMHSA 5 Drugs