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Streptamer® Magnetic Beads IBA BioTAGnology
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Cell biology is reliant on the investigation of unmanipulated naturally occurring cells. State-of-the-art receptor specific isolation procedures, however, leave binding reagents on the isolated cells which is likely to induce unwanted cell modifying signalling events. This can now be prevented by using a novel purification approach called Streptamer® technology. Mild purification conditions at low temperatures along with a quick and complete removal of the isolation reagents enable the isolation of quasi untouched, authentic and fully functional receptor-specific cells.

Streptamer® advantages:

• Reversible reagents (Streptamer® Magnetic Beads  or Fluorescent Streptamer®) for receptor-specific isolation of naturally occurring cells with high purity

• Cells remain uncompromised due to absence of bound reagents

• Fast purification procedure at 4° C avoids signalling events or internalization

• Unique platform for save and efficient cell therapy (e.g. adoptive T-cell therapy)

• Favourable economics through standardized scalable production process

Streptamer® Magnetic Beads are polysaccharide coated magnetic microspheres covalently linked to Strep-Tactin®. The paramagnetic beads enable a rapid and economic T-cell isolation at 4 °C under sterile conditions. Streptamer® Magnetic Beads have to be combined with MHC I-Strep, an antigen-loaded MHC I containing the Strep-tag® affinity tag. After isolation of T-cells on a Miltenyi Biotec MACS® column, Streptamer® Magnetic Beads can be mildly dissociated from the MHC I-Strep using biotin. The monomeric MHC I-Strep then spontaneously dissociates from the T-cell receptor due to its very weak binding. The rapid and complete dissociation of Streptamers from the T-cells assures full functionality of the isolated cells.

Streptamer® Magnetic Beads are available for 5, 25 and 75 preps; 1 prep is sufficient to purify T-cells out of a total of 2x107 cells.

Customers from USA, Canada and Mexico are kindly requested to contact Beckman Coulter for a quote.