Stratum Purge and Trap Concentrator (PTC) by Teledyne Tekmar

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Stratum Purge and Trap Concentrator (PTC)
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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Volatile Organic Compounds

"The concentrator is the best that I have ever used. The sensitivity is extremely good and I haven't had any issues with it breaking down. I have not had any problems using it. I would recommend this product to anyone who analyzes VOC samples."

Review date: 29 Oct 2013 | Stratum Purge and Trap Concentrator (PTC)

Teledyne Tekmar's Stratum Purge and Trap Concentrator (PTC) was built upon technology Tekmar developed in 1974 that revolutionized the way laboratories performed Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) testing. The Stratum PTC builds on eight previous generations, making us the industry’s cornerstone of technique and support.

The fundamentals of Purge and Trap are time proven. By bubbling a purge gas through your sample matrix, the VOCs are removed and collected on an analytical trap. After the purging is complete, the trap is heated and the VOCs are released and delivered to a gas chromatograph for separation and detection. The Stratum PTC uses components that are absolutely essential to perform a successful Purge and Trap analysis; those being a mass flow controller (MFC), superior trapping technology, and inert sample pathway.

The heart and soul of our Purge and Trap System is the Teledyne Hastings Mass Flow Controller. The MFC delivers the purge gas with unmatched precision and accuracy. The most advantageous feature of utilizing the MFC is the ability to instantaneously change the gas flows and pressures at any time during the Purge and Trap process.

One important key to minimize carryover is the Stratum PTC’s inert sample pathway. The tubing and fittings have been treated to provide unprecedented low carryover which permits the enduser to calibrate with more confidence.