Stopped Flow/Quench Flow Systems for Spectroscopy

Manufacturer Kromatek

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The Biologic stopped-flow SFM-400 and Quench-flow QFM-400 are considered to be the benchmarks.
rapid kinetics stopped flow analysis

  • From simple SFM-20 2 channel to 5 channels with quench flow
  • Perform double mixing experiments with control over delay time and mixing time
  • Independent stepper motor control of each syringe gives you total control
  • Full software control with optional Biokine software for quality data processing
  • Flexibility - Easily change work heads for different operations, from to Stopped Flow to Freeze Quench to Quench Flow and back again!
  • Sensitivity - Optical systems which set us apart from the rest. A factor of up to 5 or 10 better.
  • Mixing Ratios - No need to change syringes to change mixing ratios, saves valuable time. Don't lose your sample as you purge syringes during the change.