Stimulus Isolation Unit (SIU-102) by Warner Instrument Corp.

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Stimulus Isolation Unit (SIU-102)
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Warner Instrument Corp.

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Rating: 4.0

"excellent quality, rugged instrument. it would be nice if amplitude could be externally controlled, but otherwise a great instrument."

Review date: 18 Feb 2011 | Stimulus Isolation Unit (SIU-102)
The SIU-102 is an ideal unit for providing cell stimulus in an imaging application. Unfortunately, the SIU-102 is not compatible with electrophysiological applications.

This instrument features optical isolation at the input and transformer isolation at the output. Timing pulses can be controlled by any device capable of generating a TTL level positive pulse (for example, a computer with data acquisition). Positive or negative pulses, positive or negative DC, and bipolar pulses are possible, all in constant current or constant voltage delivery modes.

For bipolar delivery, a positive pulse during the input pulse is followed immediately by a negative pulse of equal duration and amplitude. Bipolar pulse widths from 100 µs to 100 per each polarity are possible. Output amplitude is set using a range mode switch in conjunction with a ten-turn potentiometer to set a percentage of the selected range.

General connection to the SIU-102 is via the panel-mounted banana jacks. A CC-102 cable is available for connection of the SIU-102 to stimulating electrodes having 1 mm pins on their ends.

Indicator lights keep the user apprised of the following:

High Voltage:
Lights red when output voltage above 30 volts.

Lights when impedance across output is too high
for current setting.

T>100 Sec:
Lights when pulse width input is longer than 100
seconds in Bipolar mode.

Ext. Trigger:
Lights when a valid input is applied to the
Pulse In BNC.